What is the SlingPuck™ ?
The SlingPuck is a Heart pounding, action packed game that has you racing against your opponent to pass all the pucks through the center gate to the opposite side! 

What is it made of?
Premium Wood Build

How many players can play the game?
As many as you wish, but only two at a time :)

How long does shipping take?
We usually ship out in one business day. Due to the current situation slight delays are possible

Who is this game for?
From kids to adults, all our customers enjoy playing SlingPuck™ 

Where is SlingPuck™ Game made?
The game was originally designed here in the US, by our Californian based company in Los Angeles

When is the best time to play The SlingPuck™?
It's a fast paced game which brings a lot of excitement and fun at any time. Customers love playing our game at birthday parties, family game nights or even outdoors on camping trips

Do you offer Warranty?
Yes, we offer a generous 90 Day Hassle-Free Money Back Guarantee





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